A Portrait of Medellin

The equator runs through Colombia, so -- on a flat map -- it looks consistently tropical. But the dizzying heights of Machu Picchu’s Andes don’t end abruptly at the Peruvian border, instead pushing northward, splitting into three fingers (known as cordilleras) of snow-capped and volcanic peaks divided by deep river valleys.  Bogota sits along the... Continue Reading →

On Homesickness and Holsteins

Yesterday, someone asked if I was homesick and I was surprised to realize that I’m not.  Not yet, anyway, or not in the way I have been on past trips, yearning for my normal, or at the very least, the familiar.  Like when I spent a summer in Russia and day 5 found me in... Continue Reading →

Bureaucracy, American-style

There is an inordinate amount of bureaucracy involved in leaving for six months.  The kind of bureaucracy that I usually avoid, with endless phone trees and twelve transfers to different representatives who don’t really know how to answer my questions.  It is reinforcing for me the fact that what we’re doing is Unusual and Not... Continue Reading →

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