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Here are the ones that other people seem to like the most. And a couple that are my faves, but I may not tell you which are which, because sometimes I’m like that.

A Tableau of my Future caused a tsunami of messages from people telling me that they were crying at their desk or in front of a class of eighth-graders or in line at Starbucks, which really made me feel like a success as a writer.

The Pursuit of Pinterest Perfect was published on ScaryMommy. If you like it, you’ll probably also dig The Cult of Efficiency.

Raising a #MeToo-Proof Generation is the result of my own work to figure out how to teach my kids to speak up, but not in a theoretical good-people-speak-up kind of way but a what-do-you-actually-say-to-assholes kind of way.

In Defense of 45-year-old Knees is my stake in the ground about which body parts I just can’t be bothered to hate on.

The Myth of a Happy Childhood blows apart this whole web of lies that we are failures as parents if our kids aren’t “happy” every moment of the day.

The Family Holiday Letter applies PolitiFact’s Truth-o-meter to all of my statements about my family.

Oh, and we spent six months in Colombia on a sort of quasi-sabbatical from life and the most popular write-ups were this one about how absence makes the heart delusional, this one about being a stranger in a foreign land, and this one about how stupid Spanish for having so many damn verb forms. And then there’s the story of an infamous bike ride, where I parse my weird propensity to risk my own children’s lives, which is published here; maybe someday I’ll find a video of the time I read it at a storytelling event as well.

What else did you like?


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