On Homesickness and Holsteins

Yesterday, someone asked if I was homesick and I was surprised to realize that I’m not.  Not yet, anyway, or not in the way I have been on past trips, yearning for my normal, or at the very least, the familiar.  Like when I spent a summer in Russia and day 5 found me in... Continue Reading →

Mr. Sorry-Speak-Greek

I’ve decided that I should learn to speak Spanish before we leave on this trip, which I recognize is silly since that’s the entire *point* of us going.  For twelve years, living in San Diego, I’ve tried to learn to speak Spanish.  I bought 3 different teach-yourself-Spanish books but never made it past the “j... Continue Reading →

In which the kids hear the plan

Most parents when faced with an idea of this magnitude might wait until it was a done deal, until the research was completed and the budgets were prepared, to tell their children.  Eric and I lasted three days.  We are not good at secrets.  I’m not sure our Lonely Planet Central America had even arrived... Continue Reading →

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