Race (for White People): Week 4

So now that (I hope) you’re all hot and bothered about race, I’ll spend the last week of Black History Month on ways white people can continue to learn more. Because (and this is super important) it’s not your black friends’ and colleagues’ job to educate you. It’s exhausting and demeaning to have to tell... Continue Reading →

Race (for White People): Week 3

It's week 3 of Black History Month so here are another seven days of articles, videos and memes to help my fellow white folks get more comfortable talking about race. (Are you having the same sense of exhaustion and overwhelm as you did halfway through your last Whole 30 or gym challenge? Me too. But... Continue Reading →

Race (for White People): Week 2

Ready for your second week of race-related nuggets of wisdom? DAY 8: How learning to connect across difference is like learning about math I love the idea that learning to connect with people across our differences (in race, gender, workstyle, whatever) is a skill you learn just like math: step by step. You can’t jump... Continue Reading →

Race (for White People): Week 1

In honor of Black History Month, I’m going to share my favorite thought-provoking articles, videos and learnings about race each week. If we’re going to fix the massive racial disparities in this country — in health, education, incarceration, income, basically in EVERYTHING — white people need to explore how being white shaped their experience and... Continue Reading →

Double Delight

“He’s out there again, Frank.” I said it out loud even though I knew Frank couldn’t hear me. Frank, who has been gone almost two years now.

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