The Season of Invitados

For almost three months, we were a self-sufficient four-person unit: Karpinskis vs. Colombia.  We ate, slept, studied, shopped, cooked, cleaned, watched Modern Family, did everything as a foursome.  It was both awesome -- we could complete each other’s thoughts! -- and occasionally painful -- we could complete each other’s thoughts!  Then late March and Eric’s... Continue Reading →

The Doldrums, plus Poems of Homesickness

As we tried to channel our longing for home in a productive manner, poems happened. TWO-VOICE POEM by Retta San Diego                                                   Both                                               Santa Marta You grew up with me You’re experiencing with me I am newfangled I am native I am here, I am waiting I can teach you I can comfort you I can... Continue Reading →

A Stranger in a Foreign Land

For all of us who have lived outside our own culture whether by choice, by necessity or even by accident of birth, this: Everyone stares.  Your skin is too pink, or too brown.  Your hair is too bright, or too curly.  You are too tall, or too curvy, or too something.  Little kids squirm in... Continue Reading →

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