The Pursuit of Pinterest Perfect

I’ve always enjoyed my life porn: Sunset, Real Simple, Pottery Barn’s catalog. I cancel plans on the day that Ikea’s annual idea book arrives. At points in my life, even the Dixieline Lumber circular or that one catalog full of drapey clothes and Buddha-themed wall plaques has scratched my itch. And now there’s Pinterest, a life-porn superstore to deliver endless amounts of whatever kink gets you off: flower arrangements, up-cycled dresses, deck designs, pickles.

This life porn, over the years, has taught me many important things. For example, a recent issue of Sunset magazine informed me that any good camping trip should have its own signature cocktail, preferably one involving craft bourbon only available via mail-order from a small town in Oregon…

Read the rest on ScaryMommy where it was originally published.
(Sorry for the extra click but this gives me credit for the people clicking through to the article and someone told me that matters in the blogosphere…).

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